WayV’s Ten Trying His Best To Learn Chinese Will Inspire You

He makes learning a language look easy, but it takes effort.

Born in Thailand and being a member of both WayV and NCT U, Ten speaks Thai, English, Korean, and Chinese. With so many languages under his belt, it can’t be easy.


But, Ten showed the effort he puts into learning Chinese on their reality show Dream Plan.

When they went to the supermarket, Ten pointed to peanuts and said he liked them. Since he didn’t know what they were called in Chinese, the cameraman told him. And, Ten repeated the word multiple times to add it to his vocabulary.

To make sure his leaning was successful, Ten even looked up the word on his phone and held it up to his ear to hear the proper pronunciation and continued to repeat the word so he could remember it.

When the cameraman pointed out green products, Ten didn’t quite understand what he meant. So, his first instinct was to look it up like before. But, he eventually understood having known the word green.

Ten is one of the few members that can speak so many languages, and this is a bit of how he’s able to do it. Watch the effort Ten puts into his Chinese skills here.