WayV’s Winwin Reveals His One Hobby, And It’s Super Relatable

It’s the easiest way for him to relax.

During the start of WayV‘s Dream Plan, Winwin and Lucas were supposed to pack their suitcases. But, they thought it too bothersome and instead posed for the camera.


That’s when Winwin took a few moments to share something about himself that many people could relate to.

He started off by saying that it’s a bad way to think, but he can’t help thinking that everything is too much work for him.

So, he brought up hobbies and mentioned that if he had to choose one, it would be laying down. And, it suits him just fine because there’s no hard work involved.

To show how dedicated Winwin is to his one hobby, he filmed himself doing just that: laying down and pretending to sleep.

Whether or not you share Winwin’s thought that everything seems like too much work, everyone can relate to the joys of laying down to relax. Listen to Winwin reveal just a little about himself here.