We Found Some Shirtless Pics Of Kang Daniel For You, So You’re Welcome

The only thing better than Kang Daniel? Kang Daniel shirtless.

Many of you already know that WANNA ONE’s Kang Daniel is cute AF right?


However, did you know that he has some killer abs?


… and he really likes to show them off.


I mean reallllly!


It almost seems as though he routinely lifts his shirt up during every single performance.


It looks like his shirt-lifting habit may be contagious among the WANNA ONE members.


But, who’s complaining?


Even the cameramen couldn’t resist getting a perfect shot of Kang Daniel’s abs.


Surely, this TV program knew what the audiences wanted when they filmed a wet and shirtless Kang Daniel in the pool!


We’ll leave you with this last killer image collage that will be engraved in your brain forever. You’re welcome!

Source: @winkblooms