Wealthy 0.1% Korean Teen Reveals Why She Hates Poor People

This insight posted to an online community is going viral in South Korea right now. Everything written in the teen’s post is her opinion and Koreaboo does not endorse the same views.

The writer explains that her wealth is generational and goes all the way back to the Japanese colonial period in Korea (1910 to 1945). She claims that her grandfather put 20,000,000 KRW (~20,000 USD) in her bank account at Chuseok for studying so hard in school.

After interacting with peers from poorer households she claimed that these are the reasons for hating them.

1. Kids from poor households are negative and uptight about everything.

Kids from richer households grew up comfortably without a ruffle, doing everything they want so they’re more easy-going and positive.

2. They swear at and hate on rich kids whose parents own large companies but always watch dramas about the same kind of rich kids.

While watching a drama about large conglomerates they end up falling in love with the main character. You guys swear at rich people on the outside but you’re jealous on the inside. Just be honest.

3. Poorer kids care more about brand names, qualities in guys, and go around showing off expensive items.

They can’t even look at or buy items worth thousands of dollars but show off a 230,000 KRW (~$230 USD) Chanel wallet or an “idol coat” jacket.

Everything rich kids buy is usually good so they obsess less over what they wear. But poorer kids know their broke so they try to cover it up with expensive stuff when in reality it costs the same amount as a loan for a 720 fthouse.

4. They blame everything on the country, the president, and society.

Whether they do poorly in school or their family has a lot of debt or they’re having a hard time finding a job – they blame everything on the government. Before swearing at the president, just think about how lazy and inadequate you are and how you haven’t worked on improving yourself.

5. The parents of kids from poor homes are usually even worse.

They watch their parents, learn from them, and become just like them. For example, the dad is physically abusive or the parents abandoned the kid to live with their grandmother.

6. They keep dreaming of a Cinderella story.

All the rich people around me just date and marry each other, so stop dreaming. Stop thinking you’re Geum Jandi and study hard so you can make your own money. They swear at rich people but then want to get married to a rich, handsome guy.

7. Their denial of reality is ridiculous.

Whenever a well-off kid writes something online, the comments always claim that “real rich people aren’t like that“. Have you guys ever met a real rich person before?

Also, don’t fool yourselves into thinking that rich kids’ parents always fight and divorce because of money, that our families’ vibe is always cold and strict, and that we’re unlucky that way.

Kids from poorer families are the ones who are unstable and fight because of money. Our families are more laid-back so we go on trips overseas on holidays, rent a villa or pension on our birthday, and just live happier.

The writer ends it off saying that lots of richer kids will relate to this post and that poor kids who go around the internet swearing at richer kids are annoying and pathetic. This is why she can’t be friends with them!

What do you think? Is she just a bully or are some of her points valid?