“Wednesday” Actress Emma Myers Converts An Unexpected Hollywood Star Into A SEVENTEEN Fan

The talented actress continues to recruit new CARATs into the fandom.

Emma Myers has over a decade of acting experience at only 20 years old and recently had her breakout role in the Netflix series Wednesday, based on the book and television series The Addams Family.

Emma Myers as Enid Sinclair in “Wednesday” | Netflix

As fans of the fantasy series rushed to learn more about the hit show’s talented cast members, K-Pop fans were excited to discover that Emma Myers is an avid K-Pop fan herself.

Although she’s established that she’s a multi-fan, she definitely has a favorite K-Pop group, and it’s none other than SEVENTEEN!

(Top row, L to R) SEVENTEEN’s Mingyu, Jeonghan, S.Coups, Vernon, Hoshi, The8, Woozi, and Seungkwan (Bottom row, L to R) Wonwoo, DK, Joshua, Dino, and Jun | @pledis_17/Twitter

Since the show catapulted her to stardom, Myers has become the ultimate successful fan after being noticed and acknowledged by SEVENTEEN’s members.


congrats emma! [ #seventeen #carat #hoshi #wednesday #emmamyers #kpop #fypシ ]

♬ original sound – heyy

Emma Myers has frequently mentioned SEVENTEEN and recommended K-Pop songs during promotions for Wednesday. Now she’s taking her “SEVENTEEN agenda” to her next project, spreading the love for the group and the world of K-Pop.

The talented actress is set to star in the upcoming Netflix film Family Leave.

In the new Netflix comedy Family Leave, the four members of the Walker family find themselves in a classically inconvenient Freaky Friday-style body swap, courtesy of an ill-timed visit to an astrological reader. In order to get back into their bodies, parents and children will have to learn to truly relate to and understand one another. Not an easy task, especially on a busy day full of college interviews, soccer tryouts and other life-changing events.

— Netflix

| @ememyers/Instagram

Myers will play the daughter of the Walker family, and her parents will be played by Ed Helms, known for roles in The Office and The Hangover, and Jennifer Garner, known for roles in 13 Going On 30, Dallas Buyers Club, Juno, Love Simon, and more.

Emma Myers and Jennifer Garner recently began to trend on Twitter all because Myers successfully converted her “movie mom” into a CARAT!

Emma Myers (left) and Jennifer Garner (right) | @jennifer.garner/Instagram

As a dedicated CARAT, Emma Myers taught Jennifer Garner the SEVENTEEN BSS‘s “Fighting” dance challenge, and fellow fans loved the unexpected and wholesome moment.

Jennifer Garner posted the dance challenge to her Instagram story along with SEVENTEEN’s version.

SEVENTEEN saw the dance challenge and thanked Emma for spreading the love for their music while sharing that they hoped Jennifer Garner had fun.

This isn’t the first time Emma Myers has encouraged others to listen to their music. Check out the SEVENTEEN song she recommends to fall in love with the group in the article below!

“Wednesday” Actress Emma Myers Recommends This SEVENTEEN Song To Fall In Love With The Group

Source: Netflix

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