This Week’s PRODUCE X 101 Episode Shoots GOT7’s “Lullaby” Back On The Charts

It’s magical, sweet lullaby.

On the latest episode of PRODUCE X 101, trainees were split into smaller groups and had to compete against one another by performing the hottest K-Pop boy groups’ hit tracks, like BTS‘s “No More Dream” and SEVENTEEN‘s “Clap”. Of all the songs featured, however, GOT7‘s “Lullaby” is quickly regaining the momentum to appear back on the charts – after a group of trainees successfully recreated the song.


Trainees Choi Su Hwan, Yun Jeong Hwan, Song Yu VinLee Ha MinJoo Chang UkBaek Jin, and Hwang Geum Ryul put together an outstanding stage performing GOT7’s “Lullaby”. Their vocals were stable, dance moves in sync, and visuals stunning!


While unfortunately the team faced a technical issue and trainee Song Yu Vin’s microphone malfunctioned, they got through the performance with high energy levels and wowed the evaluating panels. Viewers were also immediately intrigued by not only the individual trainees, but also about the track that they performed!


Soon after the episode aired, GOT7’s “Lullaby” music video began resurfacing online and the song, suddenly appearing on the search portals like NAVER at #74 trending, soon ranked #22 as most searched. The track also began appearing on different music streaming platforms, becoming a “daily trending” song.


Viewers who haven’t paid much attention to GOT7’s songs before are now sharing that they can’t stop humming along to “Lullaby”.

I’m not really a GOT7 fan, but I’ve been humming that ‘Lullaby’ song since I heard it on PRODUCE X 101.

— Nate Pann User

This is for real. I haven’t heard of the song before, but I got to know about it on PRODUCE X 101. I memorized the song title so I can look it up and listen to it later.

— Nate Pann User

Honestly such a good song. It totally deserves to trend again.

— Nate Pann User


With that, Ahgases are celebrating by rewatching “Lullaby” music video, relay dance videos, and the comeback stage clip – which you can check out below:

Source: Nate Pann