WEi’s Junseo Reveals How BTS Inspired Him And Why Jungkook Is His Role Model

Junseo learned a lot from his seniors.

On an episode of Eric Nam‘s podcast K-Pop Daebak, rookie group WEi stopped by the studio to share some of their musical inspirations, prompting Junseo to share why BTS is such an important group to him.


Since Junseo didn’t have an interest in music before a company cast him, he looked to one group to dive into the K-Pop world.

Junseo said, “I don’t have a history with music, so I watched BTS to learn and get inspired.

The maknae praised the group for being such one-of-a-kind performers and musicians, “Both their music and their stage performances are amazing and great. They’re charismatic for sure.

Being the youngest member as well, it was only natural for Junseo to admire Jungkook. Junseo announced, “My role model is BTS’s Jungkook sunbae-nim. He’s very cool.

Jungkook’s charms are hard to resist, whether it’s his caring personality or charismatic stage presence.


See Junseo share how much BTS has inspired him as an idol.