WEi’s Kim Yohan Is The Protective Older Brother When It Comes To His Sisters And Boys

It’s all out of love!

WEi’s Kim Yohan recently made an appearance on MBC’s The Manager and showed off his older brother image with his two younger sisters.

Yohan’s manager revealed that Yohan was known to be close with his younger siblings.

Yohan is known as the ‘sibling fool’ among fans. He even travels all the way to Gwangju to support his sisters’ competitions even with a busy schedule.

⁠— Yohan’s manager

During his meeting with his sisters, he overhears them talking about some boy in the wresting club, causing him to become serious.

| The Manager/MBC

He then asks, “Do you have a boyfriend?” and shows off major protective older brother vibes.

| The Manager/MBC

The youngest quickly responds, “Unni is really popular too!” and tries to avoid the question.

| The Manager/MBC

Yohan doesn’t give up and asks the same question again. The youngest then answers with, “No” in order to get out of the situation.

As they get in the car to head to their next destination, Yohan brings up the boyfriend issue once again.

| The Manager/MBC

The second oldest sister comments, “There’s someone from the boxing club too.”

Yohan responds, “Two guys? There can’t be two…”

Although he is an idol, he will always just be the protective older brother to his sisters!

Source: insight