Weki Meki’s New “Picky Picky” Relay Dance Is So Satisfying To Watch

Even the “picky picky” fell in love!

Weki Meki is back in the game with their catchy new song “Picky Picky”. And as do most idol groups when they return to promotions, Weki Meki also made and released a “relay dance” video for the track. Fans now can’t help but wow at how satisfying Weki Meki’s relay dance is, with all the members grooving out in sync!


While a relay dance is often done by all the members forming a single line and dancing individually, Weki Meki stepped up the game and added in parts where two or three members danced together in sync.


Some of these pre-choreographed parts are so synchronized and well planned out, they are super satisfying to watch! Viewers are complimenting the girls for making this relay dance one of the best ones to have been made.


Weki Meki members behind the line also used their hands and feet to make the members at the front of the line look good. This created a cool visual effect and fans are having a blast figuring out whose hands are doing what.

Wow, they must have great teamwork. I’ve never seen a relay dance this fancy!

— YouTube Comment


Fans remain totally shocked by how well the relay choreography is put together. The video received a great deal of praise – most of them pointing out how it could serve as an actual stage performance for its quality.


Watch the full video here: