This Rookie Female Idol Can Do Math So Fast It’ll Make You Feel Dumb

Weki Meki’s Suyeon has shocked everyone with her incredibly fast arithmetic abilities.


Suyeon said she could add up to 6 numbers, ranging from one-digit to three-digit numbers, all in her head.


To test it out, Doyeon gave Suyeon a few numbers to add up while adding them up on a calculator to show the audience.


When Doyeon gave her 2 two-digit numbers, Suyeon said it was too easy and asked her to give her 5 instead.


She was doubtful at first, but when Suyeon gave her the correct answer immediately after the question, she couldn’t believe her eyes.


Suyeon also showed her incredible arithmetic skills in Weekly Idol and shocked Golden Child.


If her foundations in math are this strong, who knows what her mathematical genius is truly capable of!