Fans discover accidental leak of SM’s next project involving Red Velvet Wendy

Red Velvet‘s Wendy and Moon Jung Jae are joining forces to create the most magical and beautiful Christmas song!

On December 10, Korean singer and songwriter, Minho Jin uploaded a picture with Pianist Moon Jung Jae with hashtags that hinted at SM Station‘s upcoming song!

Within the hashtags he put for the photo, he included the hashtags “Smstation,” “Red Velvet,” and “Wendy”!


After realizing that the news of the SM Station collaboration hadn’t been released yet, Minho realized his mistake and quickly edited his post by deleting those spoiler key terms. However, Pianist Moon Jung Jae confirmed that the collaboration was indeed going to happen by posting this on his Instagram.

“MV shooting… December 23 at midnight a new track is coming out~~^^” 

From his hashtags, it seems like the Christmas carol will have a classic jazz vibe to it. With Wendy’s amazing vocals and Jung Jae’s piano playing, the song will surely be a wonderful wintery song.

Make sure to mark your calendars and look out for the release of this collaboration!

Meanwhile, Red Velvet is in rumors of having a comeback soon as Wendy was seen with a new hair color!