Pre-Debut Videos Of Red Velvet’s Wendy Show How Talented She Really Is

These videos of Red Velvet Wendy singing and playing guitar before she debuted or even trained with S.M. Entertainment prove that she has always been incredibly gifted!

Recently, videos of Wendy have resurfaced, reminding fans just how talented the S.M. Entertainment singer truly is. Even though they were recorded before she debuted with Red Velvet, Wendy’s incredible voice and musical ability are clear.

In the two videos, Wendy performs Taylor Swift‘s “Speak Now” as a trainee with S.M. and Beyoncé‘s “Halo” while still in high school.

In her Taylor Swift cover, Wendy showed off her musical talents as she sang steadily while playing the guitar. She is clearly comfortable and skilled with instruments. Aside from the guitar, Wendy can also play the piano, flute, and saxophone!

Although she was not on a stage, Wendy’s performance of “Halo” displayed her star potential through her stage presence and powerful vocals. Seeing how she performed with a huge smile on her face just shows how much she enjoys singing and playing music.

Check out her beautiful covers below!