Wengie Reveals How She Got David Amber To Work With Her

He’s worked with TWICE, EXO-CBX, and so many other notable K-Pop groups!

Popular YouTuber Wengie, who is most commonly known for her life hacks and slime videos also has a successful career as a voice actor and singer. Her most recent song “Talk Talk” was written and produced by famed producer David Amber who has previously worked with TWICE (“Heart Shaker”, “Yes or Yes”), GFriend (“Love Bug”), EXO-CBX (“Ringa Ringa Ringa”), ASTRO (“Love Wheel”), and so many more!

In a September 5 post to her Instagram account, it was revealed that she approached him about working together and bribed him into agreeing by treating him to Korean food!

We can’t blame him for agreeing… Not only is Wengie beautiful and talented, but who would say no to a free meal, especially when it’s Korean food? 😂