A Western Rapper Once Wound Up In One Of The Biggest Wars In K-Pop History

That had to be a shock.

Back in 2013, Korean rapper B-Free ended up in a lot of hot water with many K-Pop fandoms because he made a number of rude comments about BTS and EXO.


Comments ranged from calling EXO’s Sehun “gay” to calling BTS’s RM and Suga sellouts.


His comments ignited responses from netizens who were not happy with the rapper at all. While things eventually died down, it wasn’t until 2016 that the rapper would issue a formal apology over the incident.


And while fans were finally happy that he had given an apology for all the horrible things he had said online, the happiness only lasted a short while because B-Free was about to go off again only this time he was going to target fans too.


EXO-Ls and ARMYs were not going to take the insults laying down so they decided to shoot right back at B-Free. Unfortunately, there just so happened to be a second rapper in the world that went by the same name.


Brenton “B-Free” Freeman suddenly found himself at the end of a whole lot of hate messages from K-Pop fans. While he was certainly confused at the time, he soon found out what was going on and decided to lend his own voice to the mix supporting K-Pop.


Eventually, things finally died down after the Korean B-Free realized what exactly he had done but not before someone made this amazing meme!


While nobody can say this all-out war was a good thing, at least it’s in the past and will hopefully stay there!