Western Reporter Under Fire For Degrading SuperM And K-Pop

Ok, boomer.

A sports reporter from Texan entertainment site Fort Worth Star-Telegram is under fire for posting an article and series of tweets criticizing SuperM and their fans. He even posted a disclaimer in the beginning of the article, knowing it would be controversial.

His main gripe with the group was the way they kept calling the crowd “Dallas” when they were, in fact, in Fort Worth for the concert.

Most of them probably didn’t even notice (or care) that the group apparently didn’t know what city it was in. Despite a massive sign behind the stage declaring that this was “SuperM Live [in] Fort Worth” the members continuously — almost incessantly — name-checked Dallas.

– Fort Worth Star-Telegram

Whatever the case, hopefully they don’t confuse any of the nine more cities on the tour, including Wednesday in Chicago.

– Fort Worth Star-Telegram

He reiterated the sentiment in his Twitter account.

In response, fans were upset that the author seemed to blow the mistake out of proportion, citing it as understandable.

Some pointed out that the fans did not seem to mind anyway and the main point of the concert was the performances.

The reporter further found issue with SuperM lip syncing during the concert, for which they did a “valiant job” at.

It was clear most, if not all, of the show would be lip synced. Most of the show was obviously tracked as the seven members spent their time frantically moving in sync with each other, which is part of the charm for K-pop fans. At other moments, live vocals appeared to seep in, or at least helped augment the prerecorded tracks. Either way, the group did a valiant job pretending to sing.

– Fort Worth Star-Telegram

He ended the article by acknowledging the devotion of the fans and the beauty of their light sticks…despite other issues present in the concert.

When they were all moving in unison, it was a beautiful reminder of the power and community music can provide. Even if it’s canned.

– Fort Worth Star-Telegram

Fans found the review to be condescending rather than critical, which was exacerbated by the reporter’s disdain towards K-Pop in general.

BTW, if you’re over the age of 18 (and that’s really pushing it) and you’re a superfan of K-Pop it’s probably time to reevaluate your life. It’s entertainment for 13-year-olds.

– Stefan Stevenson, Fort Worth Star-Telegram sports reporter

Replies under the tweet were understandably hostile.

They pointed out that he took his review a step too far by criticizing the fans themselves.

It was something he had no right to do as a sports journalist commenting on K-Pop, and even worse, he appeared both “racist and xenophobic”.

The reporter has since offered no apology to the backlash.

Source: Fort Worth Star Telegram


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