Weverse May Be Fast, But Not Faster Than ARMY When It Comes To Finding Mistakes

Big Hit made a huge mistake!

On April 22 KST, Weverse suddenly popped up on ARMYs notifications and let them know that BTS‘s Run BTS! Episode 102 was out! Fans were rubbing their eyes and doing double-takes knowing that episodes are usually posted every Tuesday.

This TV series has been shown through Naver’s app since 2015 and through Weverse now as well. The original upload date for the show is every Tuesday at 9 PM KST, but this episode was posted on Wednesday at 4:32 PM KST.

Fans who were early enough to catch the notification in time were actually able to play the episode. The post however, was deleted very quickly. Here are some fan reactions from Twitter regarding the incident.

Fans are joking around saying that they uploaded a new video on BANGTANTV right after in order to make up for their huge mistake on Weverse.

If you haven’t seen the video already, check it out below!