BTS’s RM Keeps Teasing Jin, And It’s Pure Entertainment For Fans

RM and Jin turned Weverse into their personal chatroom again.

Get your popcorn ready, ARMY. It’s time for another episode of BTS‘s hyung line show!

Whenever RM and Jin log into Weverse, they turn the app into their personal chatroom, spamming fans with notifications while joking with each other.

On the afternoon of July 5 (KST), Jin asked fans for lunch recommendations, but RM had something to say about his meal choices!

I’m sorry for asking so late, please recommend a lunch menu

— Jin

I’m gonna eat naengmyeon [cold noodles] and meat

— Jin

RM commented on the post, saying, “educated people eat pyeong naengmyeon.”

“Just like that,” Jin replied. “I’m now an uneducated person ㅠㅠ.”

The teasing didn’t end there though. RM poked fun at Jin’s first post by creating a similar one, asking fans for hairstyle recommendations. “I’m sorry for asking so late,” he wrote. “please recommend a hairstyle.” 

These friends are pros at entertaining fans, even from afar. They know just how to make ARMY’s lockdown life 200% better!