BABYz founded a non-profit in honor of B.A.P and our hearts are melting

Many celebrities around the world take part in events, charities, and fundraisers. B.A.P and their BABYz have taken part in this tradition in the sweetest way possible.

Representing B.A.P on Lee Sora’s Music Square, Bang Yong Guk talks about their plan to open a school overseas in order to help those who are less fortunate. He also talks about the sacrifices that were required, saying: “We cut down on clothes and food to save money and it seems like we are able to establish our goal before summer.”

Inspired by B.A.P’s example, a group of fans founded their own non-profit project called B.A.P Helping. The project was created by BABYz who wanted to help the less fortunate improve their education while also supporting their favorite idols. The fans themselves have raised thousands of dollars with Pencils of Promise. Driven by the passion and dedication B.A.P has been radiating over the years, BABYz are working to help fulfill their dream of helping others.

They have exceeded their goal of $25,000, but are still collecting donations to support the construction of infrastructure for water, sanitation, and hygiene.

At a fan signing event, the organizers of B.A.P Helping Hands asked about the name of the new school and Yong Guk wrote that it would be named B.A.P Town School.

Let’s hope that the children B.A.P helps will go on to do great things!