WINNER Mino Once Made Zico Break Down Crying

Block B Zico was moved to tears when he watched his longtime friend rehearsing.

In an interview with 1theK, Zico was asked if he has ever cried in front of the Block B members. Zico brought up WINNER Mino, saying “we are in our own teams now. I was watching his dry rehearsal and realized we aren’t in the same team together, even though we suffered so much working towards a dream we shared. We have different songs, clothes, and members, and that made me really sad. I cried so much then.”

Zico continued, “Even thinking about it now, I feel like crying. Back then, it was really sad. That was the first time I cried in front of my members.”

Mino was originally supposed to debut with Zico in Block B, however, he left before Block B’s debut and joined BoM. BoM disbanded after 2 years, and Mino auditioned for YG. Zico and Mino were known to be friends before either of them debuted as well.

Watch Zico talk about Mino below!