This Is What Happens When Agencies Force An Innocent Concept On A Sexy Person

This star’s new concept completely transformed her image!

All individuals have a style that suits their personality and looks, but with girl groups having so many members in one group, sometimes the members may be stuck with an image that doesn’t particularly make them shine.

CLC‘s Yeeun is one example of a girl group member who didn’t quite fit her group’s designated image. Up until their latest comeback she’s always had a cute and innocent image.


Here’s Yeeun performing a song from a previous EP. She looks cute and pretty, but according to fans there’s nothing in particular about her that really stood out.


But In CLC’s most recent comeback with “Black Dress”, the members changed their images up, transitioning into more of a sexy concept… And fans couldn’t believe the sudden transformation in Yeeun’s charisma!


Her sexy gestures and expressions come with zero effort, she’s a total natural!


This look and attitude seems to be way more her own style.

Apparently, her salon manager had been trying to convince her to cut her hair for awhile. Obviously, that manager had quite the discerning eye. Kudos to her!


Yeeun really shows how much the concept can influence an individual’s image! And fans are going crazy over her new style, as if the true Yeeun has been hiding this whole time, and has just been unleashed.

Source: Pann Nate