What Jungkook touched inside this mystery box will make you scream

The members of BTS received a big shock when they played the mystery box game and felt what was inside.

On a recent episode of the TV Choson variety show Idol Party, BTS got the chance to play the mystery box game.

During the episode, J-Hope, Suga, and Jungkook were asked to stick their hands inside a box and touch what was inside. The members were unable to see inside the box and had to prove they were brave by reaching their hand in and touching what was inside.

J-Hope was nervous as expected

He panicked once he was able to touch the lobster hidden inside.

Suga was much braver and reached both hands into the boxes.

But he couldn’t figure out what was inside.

Jungkook was the bravest.

He fearlessly reached inside the box.

Then, he continued to touch what was inside – to the point that the MC asked him to stop.

The reactions of each boy as they approached the box were hilarious.
You can watch the full clip from the show below.