What This Guy Does With His Old Starbucks Cups Will Leave You Amazed

This man is addicted to Starbucks.. but not for the drink.

Artist Soo Min Kim has a love for Starbucks. However, what keeps compelling him to go back and buy more is not the drink – but the cup.

Keeping his Starbucks cups, Soo Min Kim uses markers and paint in order to create artwork out of a simple paper cup. Here’s just a few of his works that are simple, yet creative.

1. True Starbucks LoveStarbucks cup

2. Dragon Ball Z meets StarbucksStarbucks cup

3. What is this? …Take a closer look and you’ll see ㅋㅋㅋㅋStarbucks cup
“Stop being such a peeping tom!”Starbucks cup

4. It’s raining in Starbucks landStarbucks cup

5. Behind bars, and freedomStarbucks cup

6. Thomas The Tank Engine runs on Starbucks coffee.Starbucks cup

7. Abbey Road Starbucks crewStarbucks cup

8. Making her escapeStarbucks cup

9. Looking out her bedroom windowStarbucks cup

10. Dreaming of freedom from work.Starbucks cup

11. Twitter and Facebook StarbucksStarbucks cup

12. Getting ready for a tripStarbucks cup

13. Very festiveStarbucks cup

14. Pizza Hut-BucksStarbucks cup

15. How a Starbucks coffee cup grows up.Starbucks cup

16. Going to get something from refrigerator.Starbucks cup

17. For some pieces of art, the cups are cut into more detailed designsStarbucks cup

18. KFC meets StarbucksStarbucks cup

19. This is how the Starbucks maiden keeps cool in the summer.Starbucks cup

20. Coffee holds the weight of our world on its shoulders.Starbucks cup

21. Lego-bux.

22. Gangnam StyleStarbucks cup

23. “Goo morning world! Would you like some coffee?”Starbucks cup

24. Lazy Starbucks.Starbucks cup

Has Soo Min Kim changed your mind about throwing out those coffee cups yet?

Source: ViralNova

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