MAMAMOO’s Wheein And Hwasa Share Heartening Details Of Their 10 Year Friendship

Friendship goals.

Wheein and Hwasa of MAMAMOO have been in the same group for almost 6 years now. Their friendship started way earlier and state they have been friends for over 10 years.

They went on to share details of how they always stuck together on any task, especially achieving their dreams of becoming singers. They would be with each other through the whole process and support each other.

It’s a wonder what would have happened if they got signed to different companies and/or different groups. Would they fight it or would they just support each other in the distance? Luckily for them, they got to stick together and their friendship is just as strong as ever.

Wheein also shares a story on how much they mean and value each other. She states that she got emotional out of nowhere once Hwasa told her she went on a date. That something good happening to her friend was enough to her emotions going.

They also shared their different opinions on what would happen if they both liked the same person.

Hwasa’s opinion.


Wheein’s opinion