When female idols diet, this body part changes first

It’s no secret that female idols go through intense dieting to stay thin; however, it seems that idols lose weight in this body part the most.

Being a K-Pop idol requires idols to maintain a very strict and intense diet, especially among female idols. While it may seem that idols seem to be able to lose weight incredibly quickly, fans have been noticing one unique thing about that weight loss. After seeing several before and after photos of idols’ weight loss, it’s undeniable that female idols seem to lose weight the most in their thighs.

Check out ten times a female idol lost the most weight in their thighs:

1. Red Velvet’s Wendy

Wendy always received massive amount of praise for her strong legs.

Wendy has definitely gone through a noticeable weight loss, and she still looks amazing.

2. Red Velvet’s Joy

Joy is considered as being one of the few K-Pop idols who is not stick thin.

Joy has definitely lost a lot of weight, but her legs are still phenomenal.

3. Apink’s Eunji

Eunji looked so adorable during her debut promotions.

Eunji’s legs are still amazing no matter how small or how full they are.

4. miss A’s Suzy

This is what Suzy looked like when she was younger.

Her legs are very thin and long now.