“White Skull” Is Having A Hard Time Dealing With G-Dragon’s Fans 

Thousands of DMs are coming for G-Dragon every day.

A recent Facebook post came to light after it pleaded with fans to refrain from using their page to send messages to G-Dragon.


G-Dragon is currently doing his military training in the White Skull division and as soon as fans found its Facebook page, they left thousands of messages and sent tons of fan mail to the division as well.


The administration was so overwhelmed that they wrote a post to apprise fans of the effects of their mass messages.


It was confirmed by the Minisitry of Defense, however, that the Facebook account that fans had been inundating is actually not an official account.


The account holder rebutted by saying that the page was created for former soldiers and current trainees to keep in touch and communicate.


There is actually an official page under the agency where enlisted soldiers may receive e-letters, but there has been no official word as to how they’re coping with the influx of fan mail since G-Dragon started.