The Whole Story Behind The Yoona And Suzy Fan Voting Controversy

Fans want the record set straight once and for all!

Recently, there have been some people saying that Yoona‘s fans have been ganging up against Suzy so that she wouldn’t win the upcoming Baeksang Award.

These rumors have caused quite the stir but Yoona fans are trying to set things straight once an for all.


The feud started with a simple tweet from a person who appeared to be a fan of Yoona. The fan asked her followers to vote for actress Kim Nam Joo, who was ranked right under Suzy in the polls.

Since she was asking people to vote for Kim Nam Joo and her role in Misty, some Suzy fans believed she was trying to prevent Suzy from winning the award.


But another Twitter user decided to step in to stop the rumors right away.


She pointed out that the account belonged to more than one fandom. It was not only a fan of Yoona but many other actresses.


In reality, the Yoona fan is also a big fan of Kim Nam Joo.


It’s posted multiple times in support of the actress during Misty.


Netizens also noticed that she follows many other actresses like Kim Tae Ri.


The account also followed IU closely for years.


The account seemed to stan a large variety of actresses, including Park Min Young and Han Ye Seul.

The Yoona fan just so happens to be the fan of several other artists!


Now with so much evidence, netizens have also joined in trying to finally put a stop to the feud.

  • “She’s not even a Yoona fan to start with. She was originally an SNSD and IU fan. She also fangirls on a bunch of actresses. She liked Kim Nam Joo’s drama, so she voted for her. And now she is being misconstrued as a Yoona fan and is receiving so much hate.”

  • “They’re so certain that Yoona’s fans are trying to make Suzy lose by making Kim Nam Joo win over her. Yoona’s fans must be so confused right now.”

  • “I think Yoona antis started the rumors to get a rise out of Suzy fans.”

  • “Please stop fighting! Fans on both sides have made things worse. Just let it go!”


The damage was already done as the Yoona fan’s account set its account to private after getting so much hate from the confusion.

Source: Pann Nate