Who’s The Better Daddy? “The Glory” Child Actress Chooses Between Ha Do Young and Jeon Jae Jun

Who do you like better: daddy or daddy?

Child actress Oh Ji Yul, who played the role of Ha Ye Sol in Netflix‘s The Glory, shared some adorable facts about herself in a recent interview.


In The Glory, Ha Ye Sol is the daughter of Ha Do Young and villain Park Yeon Jin. It is discovered later, however, that Ye Sol’s biological father is actually Jeon Jae Jun, whom she had considered an “uncle” because he is close friends with her mother.

On Elle Korea‘s YouTube channel, the precious Oh Ji Yul, who played Ye Sol, answered 11 questions in a segment called “ASK ME ANYTHING.”

She started off with a question about her dreams: “Do you still want to be an animal kindergarten teacher, or did your dream change?” To this, Ji Yul responded that now she wants to be a zookeeper because while many people find reptiles scary or disgusting, she finds them cute.

When asked what she thinks about when she looks in the mirror, Ji Yul shyly confessed that she is a narcissist because she looks in the mirror thinking she is pretty—and she’s not wrong!

We also discovered that it’s not just beauty that she has—she has the brains, too! She shared that when she’s not in school or filming, she is always reading books.

Then came a question that grabbed the audience’s attention.

Who is the better dad between Dad Ha Do Young and Uncle Jeon Jae Jun?”

After contemplating this very difficult question, Ji Yul shared the good things about each dad.

I guess I can say Dad Do Young is like my vitamin? He made the scene where he spun me around so fun, and he was so kind to me. And Uncle Jae Jun’s acting was so real, so he’s a great actor but he was also very kind to me.

The smart Ji Yul then turned the question to the audience, asking: “What’s your choice?”

In the end, she couldn’t choose. It’s like asking someone to pick between their two parents—when you love them both equally. Ji Yul did a great job of complimenting each “dad” and not picking favorites!

Watch her answer all 11 questions in the full video here!

Source: Elle Korea

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