Here’s Why Idols Sometimes Remove Their Earpieces While On Stage

There was a touching reason why they took out their earpieces.

You’ve probably seen idols take off their earpieces mid-performance or while on stage.

Ever wondered why they do it?

It’s actually very detrimental for artists to take out their earpieces while performing.

They may look like traditional headphones but earpieces are quite different!

Earpieces help remove or diminish any unwanted sounds such as the audience or extra instruments that can pose as a distraction while singing.

Removing an ear-piece while performing could make the artist go off-tune or miss a beat since they would be hearing a jumble of various noises without them.

The technology is so advanced that the artist can customize exactly what they want to hear. They can focus on their own vocals, instrumental, specific instruments, and so much more. One side can be playing the instrumental while the other focuses on the artist’s voice.

But some talented artists remove their earpieces for multiple reasons.

Sometimes it’s because the audio itself is malfunctioning through the earpiece or maybe it was improperly tuned before the stage.

Artists who take out the earpieces mid-performance are considered great artists since they have to find their tune and beat in the midst of cheering crowds and the loud echo of the stadium.


Other artists also take it out to hear their fans better.

By not hearing their microphones in their ears, they’re able to talk with their fans more personally.

So basically, idols take off their earpieces to create a better experience for their fans!

Source: Dispatch