Wife Discovers Her Husband’s 9-Year Secret After Filing For Divorce

The divorce revealed more than just an unhappy marriage.

A couple with what seemed to be a modern-day love story, having met online in 2002, fallen in love, and married in 2009, saw their marriage come to an end in less than two years when the wife applied for a divorce.

Although the initial filing cited one reason, it was changed after the proceedings uncovered a significant undisclosed secret. The unexpected revelation, made nine years after they began dating, helped explain the underlying issue in their relationship.

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Shin Min Daily News and Lianhe Wanbao reported on a couple who met online in 2002, fell in love, and dated for seven years before marrying in 2009.

The couple appeared happy, with the wife even planning to purchase a $730,000 USD home for them to live in, as per her husband’s request for joint ownership as a condition of their marriage.

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After marrying and moving in together, with the husband’s family joining them, their relationship took an unexpected turn. The wife filed for divorce just short of two years into the marriage, citing the husband’s decision not to engage in sexual intimacy.

She revealed that the couple had never been intimate throughout the course of their relationship, but acknowledged that her husband had informed her of his infertility.

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Upon filing for their divorce, the wife finally learned why her husband decided not to consummate the marriage when she found out that her husband was a transgender male.

Her husband admitted he had undergone gender-affirming surgery prior to their marriage, which was why he had avoided consummating their marriage. The court granted the divorce to the couple due to the husband’s non-disclosure of his transgender identity prior to the marriage.

Source: AsiaOne

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