William Hammington Fetches His Dad a Nice Cold Glass of Swimming Pool Water

Nothing like a nice cold glass of swimming pool water to quench your thirst.

On the most recent episode of KBS’s Superman Returns, Sam Hammington took his two sons, William, and Bentley to a pool for some summer fun.

On this day, the three went to a meat restaurant situated on top of the swimming pool.

But when Sam Hammington expressed his thirst, William immediately grabbed a cup and ran over to the swimming pool.

He then filled the cup with swimming pool water before bringing it back to his thirsty dad.

Sam Hammington was looking somewhere else at the time, so without knowing the origin of the water, he said thank you and chugged it down.

William was pleased by his dad’s satisfaction so he asked, “Do you want another one?” to which Sam Hammington replied, “Sure.

So William ran over to the pool again, and when Sam Hammington saw this, he exclaimed, “What do you think you’re doing? Are you crazy?

To be fair, how could William have known? He was simply trying to quench his dad’s thirst.

Source: Insight