will.i.am. Names 2NE1 As The “Pioneers” Of The International K-Pop Movement At Midem

“2NE1 and CL, I salute you.”

At the 2019 Midem conference in Cannes, France, a panel called “The Year K-pop Broke in the USA in 2019” was held and it featured a video message from will.i.am, frontman of The Black Eyed Peas.

In his message he called K-Pop a movement and acknowledged its power to transcend country, race and language barriers to find audiences all over the world. He then saluted YG Entertainment, naming 2NE1 and CL as pioneers and BLACKPINK as their successors who are “paving the concrete and pounding on the planet”.

For those who may not know, will.i.am worked very closely with 2NE1 back in 2010-2011  at the height of 2NE1’s try at Western domination. According to will.i.am he and the group recorded an entire album together. Some of that recording process can be seen on 2NE1’s reality TV show, 2NE1TV.

So far that album has still yet to be heard, but this shoutout from will.i.am has fans freshly thirsty for those songs.

2NE1 did, however, feature on will.i.am’s “Take The World On” (which was never officially released) and “Gettin’ Dumb”.

Most recently CL featured on The Black Eyed Peas’ “DOPENESS”.