WINNER Attempt To Explain Einstein’s Theory Of Relativity And They Actually Do A Pretty Good Job

Who wouldn’t want WINNER as their Physics 101 professors?

Being an idol involves a lot of things. In the K-Pop industry, you have to dance, sing, and in WINNER‘s case, you also have to explain Einstein’s Theory of Relativity.

The Theory of Relativity completely revolutionized the scientific approach to space and time. And it’s also not that easy for the average human to grasp in one go.

Thankfully for fans of WINNER, their idols have given this explanation a shot.

It all started when Jinwoo curiously asked if people can stop aging in space. He wondered whether this was because the concept of time is different in space.

Mino suddenly brought up a scientific theory that could answer Jinwoo’s question.

The theory of relativity. Einstein.

Fans were pretty curious, as well. It turns out that WINNER can make learning quantum physics sound interesting too.

Please talk about the theory of relativity.

While Mino is known for his talented rapping and artistic persona, he had a pretty good grasp on what the theory was about.

Einstein had a different view on spacetime. Time and space.

The Theory of Relativity indeed defined a crucial link between space and time. And Seungyoon was the one who drove home the message.

Isn’t the theory about this? Time passes at a different speed, so it might pass slower here or faster here, or something like that.

Jinwoo confirmed that the leader was correct in his approach when he explained the Theory of Relativity in one sentence.

Time passes at a different rate (time dilation). And time passes slower (as the velocity increases).

To put it in simple terms, the theory states that if you can move fast enough through space, then your observed time will be different compared to the observation of someone standing still.

As Seungyoon and Jinwoo explained, if your speed approaches the speed of light, then time for you will run more slowly compared to someone who was moving much slower.

And to answer Jinwoo’s initial inquisition, it is possible for people to age slower in space.

Imagine the WINNER members happened to board a rocket ship right now and travel close to the speed of light for 50 years. In that timeframe, we would be 50 years older.

But because WINNER had been traveling fast during that time, the passage of time for them is much lower.

So when WINNER comes back in 50 years, they might have only observed the passage of 25 years in the rocket ship, if they were going at 90% the speed of light.

In that situation, WINNER would be a much younger age than everyone who was born in the same year as them. As WINNER explained, time passes at a different speed for someone when their velocity changes.

WINNER’s explanation has all of us wishing that they were our Physics teachers!

Not only are they talented and stunning, but they might do a pretty good job as helping everyone pass!