Fans Demand Apology from YG Entertainment After iKON VCR Plays At Winner Concert

“The disrespect is real and fans have every right to be pissed.”

When it was first announced that WINNER would be making a stop in Malaysia as part of the 2018 EVERYDAY TOUR, fans couldn’t have been more excited. The only problem, however, is that during the concert fans found themselves watching iKON‘s VCR instead of WINNER’s.


During their stop in Kuala Lumpur, things were looking up for fans. Inner Circles were blessed with some amazing visuals and stunning performances by the group.


But sometime during the concert, the staff went to play WINNER’s VCR but what got played was iKON’s instead.


As any fan would be, Inner Circles were not happy with the huge mixup, even if it was quickly fixed.  Unfortunately, that wasn’t going to be the last mistake during the concert.


At the end of the concert, the staff turned on some music for fans. The only problem was it wasn’t WINNER’s music! Again, iKON’s music slipped its way into the concert.


Since the concert, a recording of the VCR has been making its way around the internet and fans are furious that the staff made such a big mistake, especially since this isn’t the first time it’s happened.

Inner Circles were once addressed as iKONICs on their official fancafe and at one Seoul fan meeting, staff were allegedly welcoming them to iKON’s fan meeting instead of WINNER’s. To top it off, fans have also noticed that Yang Hyun Suk has tagged iKON in a few different WINNER promotions.


While fans have been understanding for a while now since iKON and Winner are having back to back concerts, they’ve noticed that the mixup never seems to happen the other way around. Since the post of the major misstep has gone viral online, fans are now demanding an apology from YG Entertainment.

  • “This only happens to WINNER fans. Writing about other fandoms and singers on official announcements, playing other singers’ VCR during WINNER’s concert, tagging other singers on their posts. There are just so many that my hands would hurt to write them all down.”

  • “I’m so pissed. When they started the official fanclub for WINNER, the announcement was copied and pasted from iKON’s. Yang CEO also mentioned iKON’s tour when he released WINNER’s Taiwan concert, and now this!”

  • “I know that they’re on tour together and they are both performing on the weekend, but why does this only happen to WINNER?”

  • “It’s so stupid that these accidents keep happening to WINNER and it’s so annoying. Whoever heard of going to a concert where someone else’s music was played by accident? YG Entertainment and their staff need to get it together!”

  • “This isn’t even the first time. And they keep calling it ‘mistakes’ and ‘accidents.’ The disrespect is real and fans have every right to be pissed.”


So far YG Entertainment has not made a statement about the issue but Inner Circles are hoping that the company learns from their mistakes and something like this doesn’t happen again in the future.