Everyone Is Melting Over WINNER’s Reaction To Hearing GOT7’s “ECLIPSE” On The Radio

Their friendship is the best!

When WINNER heard GOT7‘s “ECLIPSE” on the radio, their reaction was so cute that Inner Circles and IGOT7’s are celebrating their adorable friendship once again!


WINNER and GOT7 have been making hearts melt with their adorable friendship for years. They’ve been caught dancing to each other’s songs, celebrating each other’s wins, and simply hanging out together.


Although their busy schedules mean that the friends don’t get to meet up too often, fans recently got a sweet reminder of their friendship when WINNER appeared on Idol Radio.


While WINNER talked about their very successful “Ah Yeah” EP and shared some funny and sweet stories on the program, they also surprised everyone during one break! As one break starting, GOT7’s own latest hit “ECLIPSE” began playing and pretty soon Seungyoon was spotted grooving along to the song in his seat!


When he noticed that the camera had zoomed in on him, he showed even more love for his friends and their fans by doing GOT7’s signature hand sign!


To top it off, Seunghoon was then spotted in the background dancing along to the song too!


The adorable display of friendship has been melting many hearts and fans are celebrating yet another win for InnerIGOT7s!