WINNER’s Hoony Describes BLACKPINK Lisa’s Personality Using A Single Adjective, And It Gives Insight Into How She Treats Her Friends

Spoiler: it’s a good one!

WINNER‘s Hoony and BLACKPINK‘s Lisa have the funniest friendship!

They recently made headlines when the latter appeared on Hoony’s brand new YouTube channel, answering questions about him and giving fans a closer look into his actual personality.

Hoony gave his thanks to Lisa through a live broadcast after the show aired. He wanted the viewers to know just how hard working and dedicated she is in real life.

Although Lisa always complains like Mino, she always does her best.

— Hoony

Lisa and Mino | YG Entertainment

He complimented her further by saying that she did a great job in the short video that his staff took of her. For instance, there were many playful words of Lisa’s from the episode that went viral online. The top one was when she called him out for not fulfilling his promise to treat her to dinner after they shot a TikTok video together.

There was so much to use from her interview.

— Hoony


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The WINNER dancer chose the adjective “tsundere” to describe Lisa. A Japanese term popularized in animations, it refers to a person who acts hostile towards someone upfront while actually having a caring and warm personality behind the scenes.

In Hoony’s perspective, Lisa was hot and cold when she joked about him being a “scammer,” but he could tell that she was a genuine friend underneath.

It’s not like others didn’t do well [in the interview] but she is like a tsundere.

— Hoony

For instance, he could see how much she cares for him as a friend when she was energetic and cooperative during the interview despite it not being a required schedule. Even if it was a favor that took time out of her hectic day, Lisa still put her all into it.

For the interview this time, she also did the best.

— Hoony

Check out the full video below!

Source: YouTube
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