WINNER’s Jinwoo Sent Yang Hyun Suk This Emoji, Fans Are Cracking Up

“Whether or not he knew about it he’s such a cutie”

A conversation in a chatroom between WINNER and YG Entertainment‘s Yang Hyun Suk was revealed and fans are cracking up at how Jinwoo responded.

The screenshot showed the end of the conversation as Yang Hyun Suk concluded with, “I’m going to stop making you guys laugh today. Good luck with the recording guys,” along with a “good luck” emoji. All the members responded by either sending an emoji or saying thank you.


It just so happens, however, that the emoji Jinwoo sent Yang Hyun Suk was, in fact, a BTS emoji.


The chocolate cookie character is actually a BT21 character, Shooky, which was created after BTS member Suga.


Fans assume that Jinwoo didn’t know about the character before sending it to the YG CEO, but they are cracking up at his cuteness nonetheless!

  • “Omg that was a BTS emoji? Lmao he probably didn’t know about it”
  • “I wonder if Yang Hyun Suk would eve know that emoji though lol he’ll probably just think it’s a chocolate cookie emoji lol”
  • “Lmao even if he didn’t know about it, it’s hilarious. Can’t believe he ended up sending a BTS emoji lol”
  • “Whether or not he knew about it he’s such a cutie”
  • “So f*cking hilarious lol”
Source: Pann Nate