WINNER’s Mino And Block B P.O’s Game Was So Funny Even The Staff Couldn’t Do Their Job

You know it’s serious when there’s tears involved!

Whenever WINNER‘s Mino and Block B‘s P.O get together you know that something funny is going to happen, after all, they’ve been best friends for a very long time now!


While fans have been blessed with many funny encounters between the two besties, nothing beats their time together on New Journey To The West. During the first episode of the latest season, P.O and Mino had everyone in fits of laughter with their fired-up version of the “shouting in silence” game.


But the most recent episode has proven to be even more hilarious. With both ears occupied by waves of music, P.O was given the task of getting Mino to guess what he was saying.


The first word P.O tried to get Mino to guess was “Uraguay.” Within the first few seconds of the game, P.O already had everyone laughing with his extreme determination to get Mino to guess correctly.


But things were only going to get more hilarious from there. With the first few guesses already wrong, P.O decided to up his game. Not only did he shout the words while exaggerating the syllables…


He attempted to draw the letters with his head.


But nothing seemed to work for P.O. Even saying the word over 15 times didn’t get Mino any closer to guessing the correct answer. And the results were way to entertaining for the rest of the cast.


With Mino no closer to guessing “Uraguay” correctly P.O decided to pass, but that wasn’t the end to this lively game! This time he needed to get his friend to say “Manchester United”…


The only problem was that Mino was just as confused by this answer as the previous one.


As P.O get increasingly frustrated things got even more hilarious. With a single “Yah” he had all of the cast rolling on the floor.


But he kept at it and tried to exaggerate the sounds even more, much to everyone’s delight.


Unfortunately, it didn’t work and he once again had to pass. Which meant he moved on to something even harder. Instead of just a few words, P.O now had to get Mino to say “Mysteries of the human body.”


And as expected it just wasn’t going to happen anytime soon. So P.O quickly passed on that one too and tried desperately to get his best friend to say “Iron bars at the police station.”


At this point, everyone was laughing hard but it was going to get even more comical. Mino quickly figured out the police part of the answer…


But became nervous when he figured out the rest…


Because he thought the answer was “kill all the police.”


The surprising answer and P.O’s look of utter disbelief had everyone in peals of laughter. Kang Ho Dong was left in tears, the crew member holding the cards couldn’t contain himself, and even the cameraman couldn’t keep the camera steady because he was laughing so hard!


While the two ultimately ran out of time without Mino guessing a single one, the hilarious moment has quickly racked up the views and has surpassed 1 million views in South Korea and has been tweeted out numerous times.


With so many great moments in a single game that tickled everyone’s funny bone, you’ll want to make sure to see the whole thing in the clip below!