WINNER Mino Explains Why He Suddenly Lost So Much Weight

Mino used to be the heaviest in WINNER, but now he’s the lightest!

WINNER‘s Mino had his fans worried when he appeared to have lost a lot of weight and looked drastically skinnier than before. But in a recent interview, Mino explained he was on a weight loss plan and took off over 22 pounds in the process.


Mino, looking slim and handsome in the album photos for WINNER’s newest album, shared that he lost weight by quitting drinking.


Mino shared he initially began losing weight because he skipped meals while producing the new album.

“I noticed I lost some weight because I didn’t eat while producing the new album. So I decided to lose a bit more since I lost some already. I quit drinking and it helped me lose 10 kilograms.” — Mino


Mino explained, “I used to be the heaviest member in the group, but now I’m the lightest.”

Mino added that the WINNER members all attempted to lose weight once Mino began shedding pounds.


WINNER’s latest bop dropped April 4. Check out the slimmed down Mino looking awesome in the music video:

Source: dongA