WINNER’s Mino Accepted His “Fiancé” Win In The Most Epic Way Possible

It’s the most Mino thing ever!

WINNER Mino‘s solo album XX and it’s leading single “Fiancé” have been a huge hit since they dropped at the end of November. In fact, they’ve been such a hit that he’s just taken home his third win for the song! But it isn’t the win that’s been gaining a lot of attention online, it’s actually Mino’s acceptance speech.


Mino just gave a stunning performance of “Fiancé” at Inkigayo and at the end of the night he ended up coming out on top. When it was time for him to accept his award, though, things took a surprising turn.


Instead of the classic acceptance speech, Mino decided to treat fans with something very special…


A completely rapped version of his speech!


While thanking Inner Circles, his members, staff, and Yang Hyun Suk, he set the entire acceptance speech to his own beat!


His surprising and incredibly impressive delivery left everyone stunned. Even BLACKPINK‘s Jennie seemed blown away by his quick performance.


Fans can’t stop talking about this sweet surprise as well as declaring it the Mino-esque speech ever!


A big congratulations to Mino and Inner Circles! Make sure you check out his entire performance and speech as well as the translated version below: