K-Pop Fan Tells WINNER’s Mino She’s An EXO-L, And His Response Was Amazing

No fan wars here!

Sometimes idols don’t hear the something that they really want to hear, and that’s certainly the case for WINNER‘s Mino. But his response to hearing it was 100% amazing!


During the latest episode of Carefree Travellers, Mino and the rest of the cast headed to Thailand. While learning the art of Thai cuisine, Mino asked a local if she was a fan of K-Pop.

“Do you like K-Pop?”



While the girl answered positively and named Girls’ Generation as her favorite group, Mino wanted to know if she had a favorite boy group.

“Boy group? WINNER?”

— Mino


After a long and awkward pause, the fan revealed she’s actually a fan of EXO!


— Fan


But all was not lost for Mino, as the fan revealed that she did know someone that was a big fan of WINNER.

“Yes! I know WINNER. My younger sister is a big fan!”



Hearing that news cheered him up considerably, but after hearing that her sister was studying abroad though, Mino turned the conversation back around to EXO and asked if the EXO-L had a lot of their posters in her room.

“Does your room have a lot of EXO posters?”

— Mino


When she once again said she did, Mino had only one thing to say and it’s making everyone smile!


— Mino


Netizens are loving Mino’s adorable congratulatory response and can’t help cracking up over their entire conversation.


Check it out in the video below!