WINNER’s Seungyoon Asked Fans To Photoshop Mino Into Their Picture, Here’s How They Responded

This is what happens when you let fans use photoshop.

What happens when an idol isn’t able to take a photo with the rest of their members? Obviously, the member that is away can’t be included in the picture. Or can they?


WINNER‘s Seungyoon had the brilliant idea to host a competition and get some help from Inner Circles when Mino wasn’t able to make it into one group shot due to his personal schedule. So Seungyoon posted a pic on Twitter and asked fans to work their magic.


And magic is exactly what we got!


Inner Circles rose to the challenge with some pretty amazing and lifelike results!


Although there were many fans who decided to go for the more traditional approach and edited Mino into the photo seamlessly, Inner Circles weren’t going to let this chance slip through their fingers without having a little fun of their own.


Some Inner Circles decided that they needed to add a little Mino flair to the pics to really get that feeling of togetherness so they did something a little like this…


And this!


Some pictures featured Mino as an adorable baby…


While others went for some other cute shots of the rapper.


Then there were the super creative entries that decided to go a completely different route than anyone else.


From real photos of Mino with this new photo placed inside them…


To photoshopping a completely unique version of Mino into it!


Even Yang Hyun Suk got involved in one pic!


But when it was all said and done, Seungyoon chose three photos to take home the prize. Third place went to this ghostly version because he thought it represented how much Mino wanted to be with the group.


Second place went to this fun t-shirt edit because it looked totally natural.


And as for first place, it went to this incredible black and white photo that looked like Mino was actually right there with the other members.


Although only three were chosen from all the great entries, netizens have been totally digging on all of the fan creations.


And why wouldn’t they? These photos are hilarious and just so, so good!


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