WINNER Mino Reveals That YG Bans This One Thing No Other Agency Bans

On recent episode WINNER’s edition of Journey to the West (Youth over Flowers), Mino shared about things that YG forbids the members to do.

In the episode, WINNER is excited to rent a car and drive to a new destination all the way in Australia.

Later, Mino shared why this was so exciting for them, as he said “We’ve never driven before.”

They are many things that idols are banned from doing under the contract and for WINNER driving and travelling is one of them.

Buying cars and driving are just a part of every day life for many people, but what seems so regular to a layperson is forbidden for idols in YG.

Mino shared that WINNER is not allowed to buy or drive even if they possess a driver’s licence or have the money to afford a car.

Mino: “We have to get approval (from Yang Hyun Suk Sajangnim) and I’m pretty sure the chances of him saying yes is very slim.”

Seungyoon: “If I asked to go travel somewhere he will say ‘Okay bye~ don’t come back~’ haha. I also feel like I’m lagging behind my friends. I’m sure they know a lot of things that I don’t know how to do, like booking a hotel using an app for example. We are blessed with many privileges I would say as an idol but there are many things we do not know

There are things that have to be traded off in order to become a successful idol and fans are sad to hear that such simple joys in life are robbed of in WINNER’s lives.

Source: Dispatch