WINNER’s Mino Blessed Inner Circles With A Few Well-Placed Rips On Seungyoon’s Shirt

Mino truly blessed us all!

WINNER have been bringing some serious heat during their tour, but thanks to Mino, things got even hotter with a few tugs on Seungyoon‘s shirt.


WINNER recently stopped in Fukuoka on their Japanese tour and brought some serious heat to the stage.


But things got even hotter during one stage! Seungyoon was just minding his own business while performing when Mino stealthily snuck up behind him. To do what? Why rip open his shirt of course! And that’s exactly what he did, exposing Seungyoon’s defined muscles to the whole crowd.


Seunghoon, meanwhile, swung by and tried ripping Seungyoon’s already torn shirt even further.


Let’s just say the shirt made a valiant effort but thanks to Mino and Seunghoon, it was a goner!


And Inner Circles couldn’t have been happier!