WINNER’s Mino Used Super Junior Yesung’s Name In A Poem And Fans Are Celebrating

WINSUJU nation is winning!

Acrostic poems aren’t the easiest things to create but Mino had the perfect answer when it came to creating his own poem with the title of WINNER‘s latest title track “AH YEAH”!


A few days ago, WINNER performed on MBC‘s Music Core. While they totally killed it on stage with performances of “AH YEAH” and “Mola”, it was Mino’s acrostic poem that had everyone feeling like they were winners themselves!


When Mino was told to make an acrostic poem out of their song’s title “아예”, he started off with a “beautiful voice”…

아. 아름다운 목소리(Ah. Ah-reum da-oon mok-sori meaning ‘beautiful voice.’)

— Mino


And ended on none other than Super Junior‘s Yesung, who just so happens to have a very beautiful voice indeed!

예. 예성 (Ye. Yesung)

— Mino


As soon as fans heard his poem, they were already celebrating the win for WINSUJU stans!


But things got even better because not only was Yesung caught liking a post about Mino’s poem…


He also made an Instagram Story out of it too!


WINSUJU stans really are winning!