WINNER Proves They’re Self-Producing Gods In Newly Released Comeback Tracklist

Who’s doing it like WINNER?

WINNER is proudly known as one of the top self-producing idol groups in K-Pop. Every track from debut until present has had a member work on it through composition or lyrics-making.

Their latest album, “Cross”, is no different. Their album tracklist was released on October14. Four out of six songs including the title track were composed by Yoon with the others by Hoony and MINO.

It was a pleasant surprise for fans to find that Hoony would be getting his first solo song entitled “Flamenco” and that Yoon would have his first single, “Wind”, since his solo debut pre-WINNER.

Top YG Entertainment producers have also worked with the members for this album, including Airplay for title track “SOSO” and Future Bounce for “Don’t Be Shy”, increasing the hype around WINNER’s comeback. The lyrics of all songs, meanwhile, were made exclusively by the members.

“Cross”, WINNER’s third mini album, will be released on October 23 at 6PM.