WINNER Is Proving That Boy Groups Don’t Only Have Female Fans

The number of WINNER fan boys is rapidly increasing!

The thing about WINNER is, the members somehow attract as many fan boys as they do fan girls. WINNER is out to prove that boy group fan bases aren’t quite always about the female fans!


The recognition came when WINNER’s May schedule began filling up with college festivals. Fans noticed that WINNER is going to be as busy as a girl group this summer.

  • Korea University (Sejong), April 30 – Confirmed

  • Seoul National University, May 3 – Confirmed

  • Kyunghee University, May 9 – Confirmed

  • Kangnam University, May (Date TBA) – Confirmed

  • Halla University, May 31 – Confirmed

  • Sungkyunkwan University – Not Confirmed

  • Wonkwang University – Not Confirmed

  • Hanyang University – Not Confirmed

It is less likely for Korean universities to cast boy groups for festivals, as universities mainly invite girl groups and hip-hop artists. Fans are surprised WINNER has been invited to not just one, but several colleges around Korea.


Fans realized WINNER has a huge fan base, composed of both female and male fans, making this possible.

In the video, a male fan is cheering for WINNER‘s Mino as he passes by. Mino reaches out and touches the fan boy’s hand, whose voice trembles in excitement.


At a recent performance in Yangpyeong, Korea, military personnel were spotted holding handmade WINNER signs. It seems WINNER, alongside Korea’s top girl groups, has captivated Korean soldiers’ hearts!


WINNER’s interactions with male fans have been making their way around social media. Here is a fan boy who came to WINNER’s fan sign event and crowned each of the members with flower hairbands.

“He and his girlfriend entered to win tickets to this fan sign together, but only he won. He came, but his girlfriend couldn’t. I asked him if I should sign it for his girlfriend and he flat out turned the idea down. He wanted his name as the autograph. ” — Seungyoon


This fan boy asked Mino to pat him on the head too, like Mino does for his female fans. Mino hesitated for a second, then went on to bless the fan boy.


No matter the gender, Mino will always pay back his fans for the love they give him.


Watch WINNER rocking a 2017 college festival, where all male and female fans had the time of their lives: