WINNER’s Seunghoon Is Causing Complete Meltdowns Throughout The Fandom, Because Damn

He’s in full on bias-wrecker mode!

There is absolutely zero doubt that the members of WINNER are stunning. Their visuals are killer and have been destroying INNER CIRCLEs from the very beginning.


But lately, there’s been one member that’s absolutely destroying fans with his platinum hair, toned physique, amazing voice, and everything else.


Seunghoon‘s visuals are always on point but ever since he dyed his hair platinum blond, he’s been dishing out looks so hard that fans don’t have time to recover!


He’s tried out blond hair before, but there’s just something about this time around that makes him stand out even more!


Add to that the fact that he started working out extra hard causing him to look like this…


And all fans are experiencing some major heart problems!


INNER CIRCLEs are feeling pretty blessed with the major visuals Seunghoon has been serving and really who can blame them!


Seunghoon is absolutely slaying it and honestly is in full bias-wrecker mode!


At one of the group’s recent concerts, he performed Taeyang’s “Ringa Linga” as a solo stage and gave everyone a heart attack with his moves.


Fans at the concert were fortunate enough to see these hot moves along with some flashes of abs.


And if that wasn’t already bad enough for your heart, he took off his shirt exposing even more of his chiseled body!


All of the photos and clips of him have been traveling around the internet causing meltdowns throughout the different fandoms.


And netizens are getting hit hard by his stunning visuals.


Why Seunghoon decided to attack everyone like this is beyond us, but can we just say he is truly a visual god!