WINNER Seunghoon’s Girl Group Dance Skills Were So Good, Lovelyz Made Him Their 9th Member

Seunghoon is officially a Lovelyz member!

WINNER‘s Seunghoon has always left fans feeling very flustered with his powerful dance moves, including his girl group dance skills!


Seunghoon recently appeared on the Hun Man Jung Eum Show and instantly charmed everyone not only with his game skills and amazing personality but also with his flawless girl group dance covers!


During the show, Seunghoon was given the chance to show off his skills. It started with a perfectly executed version of ITZY‘s “Dalla Dalla”…


Before flowing into a flawless rendition of BLACKPINK‘s “DDU-DU DDU-DU”!


While everyone watching was already blown away with his skills, the best was yet to come! The next, and final song to play was Lovelyz “Ah-Choo”! As he quickly matched the choreography, he was soon joined by none other than Lovelyz Jiae, Jisoo, and Kei who were also guests on the show!


Seunghoon continued dancing with them, perfectly matching all of their steps!


After seeing the broadcast, many fans are declaring Seunghoon the official 9th member of Lovelyz and welcoming him with open arms!


Check out the flawless girl-group performances by Seunghoon in the video below!