WINNER’s Seungyoon And Mino Reveal What They’d Do If They Both Liked The Same Girl

They think very differently from each other.

On a recent episode of My Ugly Duckling, WINNER‘s Seungyoon and Mino appeared as the special guests! During the episode, Seungyoon and Mino discussed several topics ranging from their music to their personal interest.

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While the topics all seemed like the average interview-type questions, the show’s MC Shin Dong Yup suddenly asked the two what they would do if they just found out they liked the same girl.

This may sound like a childish question, but we’d sometimes talk about this when we were young. What if…you both like the same girl? Then how do you think you’ll cope with the situation?

— Shin Dong Yup

The two seemed quite calm and straightforward with their response. Mino shared he would simply ask Seungyoon, “Are you talking about her?” and Seungyoon replied, “Her?

Shin Dong Yup then turned up the intensity of the hypothetical scenario and shared that they don’t just like her, but they both really like her: “You’re not just interested in her, but you’re totally into her.

Mino then became more serious about the question and admitted he wouldn’t let the girl without a fight. Mino stated, “I can’t give up on her” and Seungyoon replied, “I will wait.

At first, the MCs took Seungyoon’s reply as a diss to Mino. Shin Dong Yup shared, “Seungyoon slightly dissed Mino by saying that. ‘If she meets him, she’ll come to me soon anyway.’

Seungyoon laughed at Shin Dong Yup’s interpretation but clarified that wasn’t what he meant.

That’s not it. This is what I meant. If I’m in such a situation, I’m the type who waits believing that…I’ll have a cahnge someday. Instead of the current situation, I look at the long term picture…

— Seungyoon

Shin Dong Yup added another funny comment to Seungyoon’s explanation and interpreted it as, “Then it’s like, ‘Okay, Mino, you can go out with her. I’ll marry her.

Check out the clip below: