WINNER’s Seungyoon Reveals That The True Inspiration For “AH YEAH” Was Actually A Movie

“As I watched the movie, I thought that…”

WINNER‘s Seungyoon is quite active when it comes to the music-making process for the group’s music. During an episode of K-Pop Lyrics Helper, Seungyoon spoke a bit about the unique inspiration for their song “AH YEAH”.

WINNER’s Seungyoon

Seungyoon shared that a lot of break up songs tend to be about pain and longing. Seungyoon kind of got tired of this, so he decided to make “AH YEAH” about a cool and chill break up.

| 모모 momoe/YouTube

Seungyoon then revealed that the lyrics for “AH YEAH” were inspired by the movie Very Ordinary Couple.

Photo from the movie Very Ordinary Couple | Boxofficebuz

This movie is about a couple who constantly break up and get back together.

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When Seungyoon was watching this movie, he didn’t understand why the couple kept fighting and obsessing over each other even after they broke up.

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After seeing this movie, Seungyoon got the idea to make a song about a chill break up.

| 모모 momoe/YouTube

Here’s the full episode of K-Pop Lyrics Helper, as well as the music video for “AH YEAH” below!